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Premium Tier Network

Lunar Racks boasts a Premium Tier Network, ensuring top-tier connectivity and performance for your data and applications. With robust infrastructure and optimized routing, you can expect exceptional reliability and speed.

Reliable Platform

Lunar Racks provides a dependable platform for your hosting needs. With redundant systems and proactive monitoring, you can trust that your data and services are always accessible and secure.


DDOS Protection

Safeguard your online assets with Lunar Racks’ comprehensive DDoS protection. Our advanced mitigation techniques ensure your services remain uninterrupted in the face of malicious attacks, keeping your business online and operational.

High Security

Security is paramount at Lunar Racks. Benefit from industry-leading security measures, including encryption, firewalls, and access controls, to safeguard your sensitive data and infrastructure from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Low Latency

Experience lightning-fast response times with Lunar Racks’ low-latency infrastructure. By leveraging optimized network pathways and cutting-edge technology, we minimize delays, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience for your applications and services.

Next-Generation Infrastructure

Stay ahead of the curve with Lunar Racks’ next-generation infrastructure. Built on the latest hardware and software technologies, our platform delivers unmatched performance, scalability, and flexibility to meet your evolving business needs.